The revolutionary Ant Beans target encapsulation system is now included in Ant's Nest!

"Ant's Nest" is a 4th year computer science project developed by Chris Clohosy whilst at UCL. Apache Ant is a very powerful development tool that makes life incredibly easier by automating the mundane and difficult tasks in construction. Yet there exists very few GUI's to help create Ant build files and it is Ant's Nest's aim to change this. The main way it will do this is through an intuitive drag 'n' drop interface, with support on how to assemble valid tasks and targets. This will be done by using the 'Ant Meta-Model', a collection of files that describe features of Ant, e.g. how tasks are made up and which features are deprecated. The system is being developed in Java.

The links on the left of the page cover many things; including how to get the latest code, the system design and the actual project report submitted.

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