Ant Beans

What are Ant Beans?

Ant Beans are esentially Ant build file targets that have been 'wrapped' up. The target can be automatically produced by simply running the bean.

How does it do that?

When an Ant Bean is created, the tasks that make up the resulting target, along with the attributes that must be configured, are specified. When the bean is run, it gathers the information it needs by asking the end-user questions. Once the answers have been received, the target is automatically added to the current build file in Ant's Nest.

So how do I make one?

Ant's Nest comes with a basic Ant Bean editor, instructions of use are included in the help file. The paths used to specify the attributes and tasks in the bean use the XPath addressing scheme. Open up one of the example beans in the editor to see how an Ant Bean is constructed.

Where are the example Ant Beans?

This is an easy one, they're here.

What are the limitations?

The Ant Bean runner in Ant's Nest can only handle certain configurations of build file targets. Basically, multiple instances of a task or type can only appear in the target if they are in a consecutive run and are ALL child elements, for example:

<target> </target>

is ok whereas:

<target> </target>

is not.